DCM Services Overview

Introducing DCM Services. A Tradition of Innovation.

At DCM Services, creating custom designed estate-centric solutions is our exclusive focus. Our unique tradition of innovation provides the foundation for the value proposition we deliver to our customers:

  • We provide unmatched protection for our clients' valuable brands
  • We produce consistently superior performance
  • We enable client success through our consultative approach and innovative solutions
  • We secure the ultimate in security as one of the few agencies with ISO 27001 certification
  • We offer compliant-driven results via our patented proprietary technologies

DCM Services is the nation's largest collection agency focused exclusively on the resolution of deceased debt. Our unrivalled approach has been embraced by our client base and we are entrusted to protect our clients' brands and community relationships.

Who we are

For most financial services organizations, opportunities to engage a customer are often built around the customer's life events, such as a marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of a home, sending a child off to college and retirement. As the aging population continues to increase, many organizations are re-evaluating their deceased strategies.

At DCM Services, we've built our company around understanding the special implications of the death of a customer. We recognize our clients have spent years and untold millions of dollars building a relationship and a lifetime of equity and loyalty with their customers. We also recognize that this relationship and the relationship with surviving family members, friends and colleagues can be placed at risk with every contact made to a grieving family to collect the deceased customer's outstanding debt. The wrong approach can lead to complaints; can damage our clients' brand perception

DCM Services has built a reputation with its customers and within the industry with the dedicated focus on the probate process, the most effective and respectful way to resolve deceased accounts. In those cases where there is no probated estate, DCM Services employs an empathic, survivor-sensitive approach to non-probated estate recoveries. DCM Services is the industry expert in deceased account resolution. Our innovative approach has enabled us to become the nation's largest provider of recovery services

With the powerful combination of our people, our processes, our technology and our years of expertise we off the most survivor centric solutions in the industry today.