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Our Probate Finder® technology, which harnesses its database of nearly 4.5 million probated estate records, is the only database of its kind that is capable of providing ongoing consistent and accurate nationwide coverage for all 3,450+ probate courts across the United States. Coupled with its patent-protected processes, Probate Finder® optimizes several proprietary data-gathering methodologies to ensure that it maintains a database that is current, accurate and complete – all of which are critical components to provide DCM Services, LLC [and Forte, LLC if you choose to add/expand on this] with the timely claim presenting solutions that we have to offer to our clients.

Probate Finder holds four patents; the first patents covers the technology and processes used to source and combine public probate records and decedent data into an electronic database that is part of the company's Probate Finder® technology. The second patent covers the automated process of comparing and matching the database's probate records with deceased accounts receivable data using Probate Finder's sophisticated matching algorithms.

DOD Finder™ service from Forte

Proactively Thoughtful. Protectively Thorough.

dcm services Technology

Accurate information is a top priority at DCM Services. Thus, when working with deceased accounts, early identification and precise verification of date of death (DOD) is key. DCM Services leverages the power of the unique DOD Finder™ Database from Forte, LLC, which cross-references DOD information from the Social Security Administration with data from Forte's Probate Finder® Solution and other sources. This combination creates the most accurate source of DOD information available, delivered in a timely and secure manner.

Best Practices

As noted above, DCM Services verifies DOD for all deceased accounts placed with us. Best practices, however, dictate that creditors regularly scrub their entire delinquent portfolio for deceased accounts. A DOD scrub enables a client to:

  • Proactively identify deceased accounts
  • Reduce fraud and after-date-of-death charges
  • Accelerate recoveries
  • Ensure claims are filed before estates expire

All in all, when handled appropriately, this combination of tactics can help to protect your brand and improve your recoveries, while respecting and honoring survivors as they move through their transition.

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